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Tokyo Bay

Location: 125 Kerr Street Oakville, ON Since when are you not allowed any substitutions at a Japanese restaurant? Isn’t everything made fresh? It’s not like the sushi is pre-made and stuffed with something else beforehand? And worse, this wasn’t even a sushi substitution but rather a bento box substitution. Instead of CHICKEN, I requested SALMON. … Continue reading

Axia Restaurant & Bar

Location: A-5045 Plantation Pl., Mississauga If it weren’t for the “Restaurant & Bar” in the name…you’d think Axia were a club.  You did, didn’t you? Well, it’s not.  I don’t know why they named it that, ’cause the inside of it looks like some sort of vacation package hotel….cane chairs upholstered in tropical fabric, hanging … Continue reading

Rude Service @ Whole Foods (Whole Hearth), Yorkville

Location: 87 Avenue Road, Toronto Cost: Hot chocolate $2.99 (mint shot $.50), cooked sushi combo 6.49, avocado roll $5.99 To clarify; this review is not about the Whole Foods Market in Yorkville….which I actually like very much and can’t complain about. Instead, this post is in regards to the absolutely disgraceful service we received at … Continue reading

Eastern Japanese and Asian Fusion

Location: 2318 Royal Windsor Dr, Oakville Cost: approx $15 pp We were craving some sushi take-out and decided to give Eastern a try on the basis that you just never know! Well, who knew, indeed? Eastern is amazing. We went in to check out their take-out menu and decided they certainly have a variety of … Continue reading


Location: 181 Bay, Toronto, ON http://www.kijapanese.com **Updated with pics** 181 Bay, Toronto, ON Went to Ki for a friend’s surprise 30th birthday party. Everything was paid for…the drinks, the appetizers and the cake! The sushi, the popcorn shrimp, the chicken wings…everything was absolutely delicious! You know I’m not a sushi connoisseur by any means but … Continue reading

Aji Sai

Location: 467 Queen St. W, Toronto It seems Queen street is constantly reinventing itself…new restaurants…new condos….new yoga studios. There are the staples: Gandhi’s, New York Sub, Subway and then the newbies: Leslieville Cheese Market and the maybe not so new anymore, Aji Sai Japanese restaurant. These were the sorts of dishes we shared around… I’ve … Continue reading

Ichiban Sushi

Location: 262 Queens Quay West, Toronto http://www.ichibansushi.com When we lived in the city, one of the closest sushi restaurants to us was Ichiban Sushi; we were constantly ordering in from there (or dining in). For reliably standard sushi, Ichiban doesn’t go wrong.

Frugal Fare #1: CJ Lunch Box

“Frugal Fare” is going to be a new feature on Foodhogger, where we’ll cover the more affordable places to dine for lunch/dinner in Toronto and still get great food & service. CJ Lunch Box (but everyone refers to it as “Lunch Box”) is one such place.  Location: 409 Richmond St., W, Toronto (Spadina/Richmond) Cost: under $10 (cash only) … Continue reading

I Love Sushi

Location: 494 Queen St. West, Toronto Cost: $34 – 44 per platter (61-64 pieces) http://www.ilovesushi.ca Contrary to this post’s title, I don’t love sushi. I opt for it only when I get crazy pregnant-woman cravings. I am also not pregnant. However, when you’re working late and the options are pizza or sushi. And you’re lactose-intolerant … Continue reading