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Product Review: Ruchi Pickle

What’s wrong with this photo? Despite this quite humorous typo, the TID bits are very good!

Recipe: Summer Skewers

Here’s an easy BBQ recipe for Summer Skewers. Cut into cubes, desired veggies (like zucchini,eggplant, onions and mushrooms), fruits (like pineapples and/or watermelons).  Optional:  tofu and/or shrimp (marinated in soy sauce, chilli sauce, black bean sauce) Skew the cubes onto skewers and drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper and BBQ. Enjoy with a nice cold beer (such … Continue reading

Recipe: Spicy Baked Tilapia

Okay, here’s my latest favourite tilapia recipe. Inspired by Olivado’s Lemon Zest Avocado Oil! Nyum nyum. Ingredients: 8 frozen or fresh tilapia fillets Enough lemon juice to wash and lightly coat the fillets 2 tbsp Olivado’s Lemon Zest Avocado Oil (or any lemon infused oil or olive oil) 2 tsp chili powder 1 tsp turmeric … Continue reading

The Magic Oven

Location: 6 Wellesley When green chillies underly an innocent tandoori chicken pizza, you KNOW the chef knows his biniss. As he should at THESE pizza prices!! Smelt flour or no smelt flour…I hope these pizzas have some magic in ’em ’cause they’re expensive! Not a fan of the Liberty Village location as I got sick … Continue reading

Canton Chilli

Location: 418 Spadina Ave., Toronto cantonchilli.com For HUGE portions of good hakka chinese, look no further than Canton Chilli on Spadina. I can’t get over the dissimilarity between the website and the restaurant. But hey, they have a website! Anyway, we chose from the special group menu which included soup and spring rolls. Each of … Continue reading


Location: 274 Parliament Street, Toronto http://www.sukhothaifood.com So it’s in a shady location, what does it matter when you can get real, authentic Thai food? Sukhothai, which sounds wonderful when chanted (su-kho-THAI! su-kho-THAI!) as my friend did in anticipation of our visit, is a tiny Thai resto in Corktown. We got there at a decent hour … Continue reading

Oaks Gardens Restaurant

Location: 128 Speers Road, Oakville, ON Cost: $25 for 2 For chinese take-out this place is always reliable. Consistently tasty and they always use good cuts of meat – chicken breast in everything!  The orange chicken (sweet or spicy; had both) is delish! And the portions are huge – and they’re not stingy (ie. always … Continue reading

TRAVEL: Montreal: Chu Chai

Location: 4088 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC Cost: approx $90 for two (incl. glasses of wine) http://www.chuchai.com/ Mock duck, you say? I never thought I’d actively scope out a vegetarian Thai restaurant…but that’s what we did when we were in Montreal. Coming highly recommended from more than a few friends, Chu Chai is a trendy zen-like … Continue reading

Eastern Japanese and Asian Fusion

Location: 2318 Royal Windsor Dr, Oakville Cost: approx $15 pp We were craving some sushi take-out and decided to give Eastern a try on the basis that you just never know! Well, who knew, indeed? Eastern is amazing. We went in to check out their take-out menu and decided they certainly have a variety of … Continue reading


Locations: 939 Eglinton Ave E Toronto, ON 815 Britannia Rd W Mississauga, ON Growing up in Africa, I remember eating Nando’s chicken and absolutely loving it, so when I first discovered a Nando’s in the east end of the city, I was thrilled about the prospect of once again tasting the flame-grilled Peri Peri saucy … Continue reading