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Sandwich Box

Location: 67 Richmond St W., Toronto http://www.sandwichbox.ca This is just to report that directly across from Lunchbox…our favourite frugal Chinese food spot, is this fancy sandwich-in-a-box place….which is neither frugal (unless you get the simple egg salad which is $3.50) nor …..chinese. I’ve yet to try it because Lunchbox always steals my lunch money, but … Continue reading

TRAVEL: Montreal: Chu Chai

Location: 4088 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC Cost: approx $90 for two (incl. glasses of wine) http://www.chuchai.com/ Mock duck, you say? I never thought I’d actively scope out a vegetarian Thai restaurant…but that’s what we did when we were in Montreal. Coming highly recommended from more than a few friends, Chu Chai is a trendy zen-like … Continue reading

Frugal Fare #2: Mini Bar

Location: 116 Spadina Ave., Toronto Cost: $1-6 Mini Bar is #2 in Foodhogger’s Frugal Fare in the city! It may be mini, (literally a hole in the wall on Spadina, south of Camden on the West side) but Rachel & Susan (pictured) are doing a splendid job serving fresh sandwiches ($3), sushi ($5.75), edamame ($1.50), miso … Continue reading

Ravi Soups

Location: 322 Adelaide St W, Toronto Cost: $10.99 (used to be $9.99) for combo (soup & half wrap) Soups shouldn’t cost more than a few bucks, right?  Wrong where Ravi soups is concerned!  But, consider it the HIGH end of soups where your soup eats like a meal…isn’t that what Campbell’s Chunky soup advertisers want you … Continue reading

Ravi Soups

Location: 322 Adelaide Street West, Toronto Cost: $10 for a soup (includes a cheese biscuit & chutney/sauce) I went here with a friend recently and didn’t get anything myself as I’d already brought a lunch (I know…what kind of food blogger am I?), but she got the chicken hot pot and claimed it was delicious! … Continue reading