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NEW: L’eat

Location: 410 Adelaide St W http://www.leatcatering.com/home.htm In the cursed location where Zimbel’s Cafe and before that,  Mosaic used to be, L’eat Express is the newest addition to the building beside Toronto School of Art.  Herbal Infusions is faring quite well so far, so maybe there is hope for L’eat (such a difficult name to wrap my head around.  Sometimes … Continue reading

Product: Nutella Snack & Drink

Lately, I’ve been snacking on Nutella on marble rye toast, which is positively better than Nutella on crepes, but which also reminded me of this product that Lurgs brought in to work one day; her sister bought it in Italy: If there’s anything that sounds better than this, please let me know, ’cause the words … Continue reading

Product: Pita Break

I was recently sent a large box filled with  Pita Break products: a variety of One Bun pitas and Lavash “Flax and Honey” crackers. Now, it’s no secret that I like to eat, so it was almost instantaneous that I broke into the Lavash cracker box!  It just so happened that I’d just met up … Continue reading

Raq n Waq

Location: 739 Queen St. W. 2nd Floor, Toronto http://www.theraq.ca The Raq is a great place for summer after work drinks. They have a really nice partly-sunny patio, pool tables (hence the name) and fireplaces indoors.  The service is semi-attentive and the food, although nothing to write e-mail  home about, is fine for drink snacks, but … Continue reading

Red Room

Location: 444 Spadina Avenue, Toronto Cost: $7-10 for an entree Ah, the Red Room….takes me back to my university days…when “dining out” meant spending less than $5. An item on the eclectic menu will set you back about $7 – 10 and the portions are decent enough to split when you order a few items. … Continue reading

Rude Service @ Whole Foods (Whole Hearth), Yorkville

Location: 87 Avenue Road, Toronto Cost: Hot chocolate $2.99 (mint shot $.50), cooked sushi combo 6.49, avocado roll $5.99 To clarify; this review is not about the Whole Foods Market in Yorkville….which I actually like very much and can’t complain about. Instead, this post is in regards to the absolutely disgraceful service we received at … Continue reading

Product: Ricepod Wasabi Mix

From: Fresh & Wild Location: 69 Spadina Avenue (King & Spadina) Cost: $2.99 My friend just offered me some of this.  It says it’s ‘spicy’ on the package but I know spicy; I laugh in the face of spicy. Bwhahaa. I had two that were stuck together and my head just exploded.  It’s raeally hared … Continue reading