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Vegetarian Cafe @ The Big Carrot

Location: 348 Danforth Avenue,Toronto http://www.thebigcarrot.ca As far as vegetarian cuisine goes, a lot of it is spent on trying to recreate MEAT!  I’ve got an idea.  Don’t!  Vegetables are delicious on their own, and we don’t need the fake stuff pretending to be what it ain’t. Since returning from Hawaii a month ago, I’ve stopped … Continue reading

Product: Olivado Avocado Oil

One of my absolute favourite products to review has been Olivado’s Avocado Oil, a Olivado Natural Nutrition product made in New Zealand. I’ve been loving them so much that it’s taken me almost a month to review the oils because I’ve not only tasted the four different varieties sent to me, we’ve also been cooking with the oils and … Continue reading

Outstanding in the Field

I love this concept, an outdoor dining experience set in a variety of wonderful locations with the focus on local ingredients and a meal prepared by a local gourmet chef. Fantastic! Check out their website.  Where can I sign up? (Images from Outstanding In The Field) Via exPress-o – Thanks Diana!

It’s a green, fresh, organic recession!

We’ve all heard the words GREEN, FRESH, ORGANIC and RECESSION used countless times in the last few months….I’ve just decided to put them all together in one sentence to get it out of the way. With our economy having taken such a downturn as we’ve now come to accept, I would like to do some things … Continue reading

PYO: Pumpkin Pickin’

Location: 9365 10 Side Road, Milton, ON http://www.andrewsscenicacres.com This was our first time visiting Andrews’ Scenic Acres and it seems to be the most popular! Apparently the home of the Great Pumpkin Challenge! And the farm itself is quite nice… Although the ‘haunted maze’ wasn’t very scary at all! Nor much of a maze for … Continue reading

PYO: Apple Picking in Milton

Location: 6063 Fifth Line Milton, Ontario An apple a day…..is what I’ve been having ever since we went apple picking on Sunday at the Willis Family Fruit Farm in Milton. Jonagolds, Golden Russets, Empires, Courtlands and Mutsus were all ready to be picked…and pick we did. I think it really does make a difference picking … Continue reading