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TRAVEL: Mr. B’s Bistro, N’awlins

Location: 201 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA http://www.mrbsbistro.com So, this is another one of those overdue/back-burner pieces. Better late than never, right? Located in the French Quarter, and coming highly recommended from many a source on the world wide web, my first impression of Mr. B’s was that it seemed more suited towards a 40+ … Continue reading

Frugal Fare #2: Mini Bar

Location: 116 Spadina Ave., Toronto Cost: $1-6 Mini Bar is #2 in Foodhogger’s Frugal Fare in the city! It may be mini, (literally a hole in the wall on Spadina, south of Camden on the West side) but Rachel & Susan (pictured) are doing a splendid job serving fresh sandwiches ($3), sushi ($5.75), edamame ($1.50), miso … Continue reading

Frugal Fare #1: CJ Lunch Box

“Frugal Fare” is going to be a new feature on Foodhogger, where we’ll cover the more affordable places to dine for lunch/dinner in Toronto and still get great food & service. CJ Lunch Box (but everyone refers to it as “Lunch Box”) is one such place.  Location: 409 Richmond St., W, Toronto (Spadina/Richmond) Cost: under $10 (cash only) … Continue reading

It’s a green, fresh, organic recession!

We’ve all heard the words GREEN, FRESH, ORGANIC and RECESSION used countless times in the last few months….I’ve just decided to put them all together in one sentence to get it out of the way. With our economy having taken such a downturn as we’ve now come to accept, I would like to do some things … Continue reading