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Boston: Temazcal Cantina

Location: 250 Northern Avenue Boston, MA http://www.temazcalcantina.com We went to Temazcal to celebrate my BIL’s birthday. It was one of those early Fall September days, so the rain was coming down, and it was a Friday so we did get caught in rush-hour traffic. On top of this, a few things to note: Temazcal doesn’t … Continue reading

The Raging Olive

Location: 3537 Fairview Street Burlington, ON Beerhogger celebrated his birthday BEERFEST (thirty)SEVEN at Better Bitters Brewing Co (more commonly known as Nickelbrook in Burlington.  The owner John welcomed our group with open arms, catered food for us from The Raging Olive (a local restaurant with awesome middle-eastern food and they carry Nickelbrook brews on tap), gave us the … Continue reading

Swiss Chalet Channel!

On February 28th, Swiss Chalet announced the launch of their exclusive Rotisserie Chicken Channel through Rogers Cable. Like the the seasonal “Yule Log” channel offered during the holidays, the channel offers a  rotisserie chicken….24 hours a day! Swiss Chalet will also be offering deals and coupons through the channel.  You just have to watch for … Continue reading

KFC’s Double Down

Location: 466 Queen Street West, Toronto Having received varied reactions to me trying KFC’s DOUBLE DOWN burger, ranging from “Eeewwww” to the actually curious, “How WAS it?”, I have to tell you, I LOVED it! Yes, it’s bacon and cheese sandwiched between  two juicy (and incredibly salty) chicken burgers, and at 540 calories, 30 g of fat, and … Continue reading

Local Feature: Harlem Underground

Location: 745 Queen St W, Toronto http://www.harlemrestaurant.com/underground With a wall-mural/graffitied glass hallway and red interior walls, Harlem looks like how you’d expect a restaurant in Harlem to look: cultured-chic, friendly and somewhere you’d want to spend a few good hours with friends and wholesome Southern cooking. Cajun Tempura Fried Okra $4.95 Of all the fascinating … Continue reading

Frugal Fare #6: The Banknote

Location: 663 King Street West, Toronto The Banknote is one of those work-lunch and after-work dinner/drinks places serving up burger & beer type meals in a bank setting.  Yes, aptly named The Banknote, as it used to a bank, they still have the ol’ vault in the back and teller booths.  If that ambiance doesn’t suit you, there’s always their cosy patio on … Continue reading

Cafe Cinquecento

Location: 791 King St W., Toronto http://www.cafecinquecento.com Went here for a friend’s birthday, one who is a trusted foodie with great taste, and she was right. I loved the atmosphere and the service and the story behind Cafe Cinquecento. The menu left me absolutely TORN…there were many routes I wanted to go: there was pizza, … Continue reading

Moxie’s, Yorkdale Mall

Location: Yorkdale Mall, 1 Yorkdale Road, Toronto Moxie’s has the lowest lighting possible, which is really no excuse for bad photos, and these really are the worst pics ever, so I’ll just leave you to them whilst I turn away.

Lahore Tikka House

Location: 1365 Gerrard Street East, Toronto Cost: $50 for 2 or 3 http://www.lahoretikkahouse.com I’ve been to Lahore Tikka House numerous times. The restaurant that always seems to be in a state of construction…and serving what feels like practically take-out, under make-shift portables. You check off what you want from the paper menu, receive a number … Continue reading


Locations: 939 Eglinton Ave E Toronto, ON 815 Britannia Rd W Mississauga, ON Growing up in Africa, I remember eating Nando’s chicken and absolutely loving it, so when I first discovered a Nando’s in the east end of the city, I was thrilled about the prospect of once again tasting the flame-grilled Peri Peri saucy … Continue reading