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The Raging Olive

Location: 3537 Fairview Street Burlington, ON Beerhogger celebrated his birthday BEERFEST (thirty)SEVEN at Better Bitters Brewing Co (more commonly known as Nickelbrook in Burlington.  The owner John welcomed our group with open arms, catered food for us from The Raging Olive (a local restaurant with awesome middle-eastern food and they carry Nickelbrook brews on tap), gave us the … Continue reading

NEW: L’eat

Location: 410 Adelaide St W http://www.leatcatering.com/home.htm In the cursed location where Zimbel’s Cafe and before that,  Mosaic used to be, L’eat Express is the newest addition to the building beside Toronto School of Art.  Herbal Infusions is faring quite well so far, so maybe there is hope for L’eat (such a difficult name to wrap my head around.  Sometimes … Continue reading

The Fooddudes

Catered on: The Stella Borealis http://www.thefooddudes.com The “casual BBQ” on the Stella Borealis boat cruise was catered by the Fooddudes (I wish they’d spelled it Foodudes) who really ARE a bunch of dudes running around with aprons on. The boat ride made me nauseous. But the food was gude.  I know, but I couldn’t help … Continue reading

The Cupcake Shoppe

Location: 2417 Yonge Street, Toronto http://www.thecupcakeshoppe.ca Our friend had an engagement party and served up these gorgeous beauties from The Cupcake Shoppe! Not only were they pretty, they were insanely good!  I heart.  A lot. They’re $2.50 a Cupcake or $20 for 6 Customized Cupcakes which is quite pricey.  And mini cupcakes have to be … Continue reading


Location: 323 Kerr Street, Oakville Cost: Sunday Brunch approx $9 per entree After all the hoopla and hype over Stoney’s; we finally made it for brunch on Sunday and I have to tell you…I am a little bit disappointed. Okay, so you stand in line, make your order, get a number, pick up your own … Continue reading

Zimbel’s Cafe

Location: 410 Adelaide Street West In place of Mosaic, there now is Zimbel’s Cafe! It must be hard for them to get everyone’s attention being hidden away in such a quiet street as Adelaide especially with Timmy’s on the other corner and Le Gourmand and Starbucks dominating the Richmond/Spadina area. However, I think business will … Continue reading