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Cows, Banff

Location: 134 Banff Avenue Banff, AB http://www.cows.ca There’s no better place to pick up an ice-cream cone than from one named Cows, don’t you think? They have a giant cow in the entrance and lots of souvenirs/t-shirts to buy (fairly pricey, though!) Although the ice-cream didn’t blow me away, I have to say even being … Continue reading

TRAVEL: Banff: The Maple Leaf

Location: 137 Banff Avenue Banff, AB http://www.banffmapleleaf.com After a two hour trek across Lake Louise and back to the Chateau and by the time we reached Banff, we were riddled with cravings for salmon (or really, anything other than sandwiches and soups), so we headed straight to The Maple Leaf, number one on my list of Banff eateries. Also, … Continue reading