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Hero Burger


1480 Major Mackenzie Drive East
Richmond Hill, ON


I like to jokingly think it’s me saying “hello” to the burger.  “Herroo Burger!”

Having eaten at Hero Burger once before at the Queen Street location, I wasn’t blown out of the water.  It was almost good bye burger. 

But seeing it again in Richmond Hill while quite hungry, all was forgotten and we exchanged pleasantries once more.

I got the beef burger with bacon, hold the cheese, while my husband got the turkey burger with all the fixin’s.


While there was nothing bad or wrong with it, it’s not the best I’ve had and failed to impress a second time. 

However, the service was great; friendly and quick, and better than the Queen St. location.

So, it may not my hero, but then, I already have one.
Hero Certified Burgers on Urbanspoon



One thought on “Hero Burger

  1. Make me hungry… hmmmm…

    Posted by didex | May 17, 2011, 01:08

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