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Fish, Oakville/Mississauga, Sushi, Tempura

Tokyo Bay


125 Kerr Street
Oakville, ON

Since when are you not allowed any substitutions at a Japanese restaurant?

Isn’t everything made fresh?

It’s not like the sushi is pre-made and stuffed with something else beforehand?

And worse, this wasn’t even a sushi substitution but rather a bento box substitution.

Instead of CHICKEN, I requested SALMON.


“No? But why?

“It doesn’t come like that. “

“Can’t I get salmon even if I pay extra? “

“No. But you can order salmon terriyaki that comes with soup and salad. “

“Er…Okay…Fine. Does it come with any tempura?”



And for $20 it didn’t even come with tempura?

So rigid.  And what for?

At least the salad was tasty.  We were hopeful.

But alas, the sushi wasn’t great.

And then, the salmon wasn’t even fresh after all that. The chicken in N’s bento box was disgusting.  Only the tempura was good.  The spring roll you see here, was nasty!

And since when do the Japanese use CELERY in their vegetables? And zucchini?

So weird.

The miso soup was overly seaweedy and fishy smelling.  With mushrooms.  Is that common?  Let me know.

The dessert that came with each of our orders was good, at least.  But how to you screw up friend bananas and ice cream?

And we were freezing in our booth.  Those curtains don’t do anything to ward off the cold from the entrance.  Put some heat on, would you?  Even the people in the booth next to us were cold.

Tokay. Bay.  Never.  Again.

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