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TRAVEL: Boston: Tory Row


3 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA



It’s at Tory Row, in Cambridge, Massachussettes!

At first I was a little dismayed by it’s small portion size, making sharing all the more difficult.

But with the blueberry jam and the New England maple syrup, and for only $7, with a side of applewood smoked bacon,

I was in love.

And to think I almost went with the english muffin egg sandwich. Wtf.

(If you know me, or have been reading this blog) I always get french toast for brunch).  Always.

N gave me a look when I said, “Maybe I won’t get french toast, this time.” hahahaha! Who was I kidding? SO glad I did.  It was perfect…not soggy in the middle or eggy smelling, which I hate, but crispy and moist and just cinnamon-y enough..and with that blueberry jam and NE maple, I want to go back.

Besides that, the “hashbrowns”, which are really cut up potatoes were incredible!  Especially with the pico de gallo (salsa) it came with.

One thing they could definitely improve upon is to serve hotter coffee!  As it was, when served, it was luke-warm at best and then our server took longer still to bring the as-is cold milk, which further cooled down the coffees.  We asked to get our cups warmed, but then received new coffees, which were still not hot enough.  And, no Earl Grey tea?!Fo’ shame.  I did enjoy my OJ, though and the Spiced Apple Cider was lovely.

The flatbreads are served on wooden boards, looking very rustic and also easy to cut into if needed. The jalepeño chicken sausage, black bean, egg flatbread ($9) was good, but the pico de gallo would have been better as the sauce spread atop the flatbread instead of the black bean.

The vegetable frittata arrived in an iron skillet.  The only problem with this is that the egg overcooks sitting in its heat, and is too hot to eat before it overcooks because its sitting in it’s heat – see where I’m going with that?

The greek yogurt filled with berries and bananas and granola (from Nashoba Brook Bakery) is a steal at $5 and a great light breakfast.

Next time, would love to try the parmesan prosciutto black pepper scone ($3) from the Nashoba Brook Bakery and something from the lunch menu – those burgers were massive!

The decor is simple and modern.

Perched on the high stools at long commune tables, the place was mainly filled with Harvard students, with their friends or parents.  There are Shepard Fairey pieces on the back wall.  That’s the artist who did the famous Obama “Hope” poster.

As an aside:  those coffee shop white mugs with the wide-as-your-lips-rims, have gotta go.  Come on, people; drinking from them makes you feel as though the coffee’s going to dribble over the side of your mouth.

That said, Tory Row is a keeper.  Kept!

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2 thoughts on “TRAVEL: Boston: Tory Row

  1. Mmm all this food looks amazing! That French toast looks delicious! What a great combination it must be with blueberry jam! I will have to buy some for the next time I make French toast, even though I am sure it can’t compare to the one at this restaurant!

    Posted by Shawna | February 14, 2011, 03:58
  2. Dear Foodhogger,
    I love your review of Tory Row. The atmosphere, prices and crowd are perfect for relaxing on a sunday morning or meeting friends any time. I’ve also only been there for brunch but will have to check it out for lunch and drinks too. You perfectly captured this restaurant. I’ll stop now before this becomes an essay.
    -Harvard Wannabe

    Posted by Harvard Wannabe | February 12, 2011, 07:31

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