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Czehoski Restaurant


678 Queen St W., Toronto


With its unpronounceable (and untypeable) name and rusty, industrial name plate hanging over its door, Czchzhecioski is all things cool and nonchalant.  Exactly what Queen West is about.

The downstairs already filled, we were seated upstairs, where it was cose (new word) with a roaring fireplace and a canoe hanging up on the lofty wall.  And who knows what’s on the third floor – dance club? Lounge?  This place is happening!

Our service was so friendly we didn’t even think our server was our server..he just looked like a person dining at the restaurant.

He embodied Queen West-ness in every manner and made us feel very welcome and at home.  Did I mention it was laid-back?

So much so that when my dining partner, who shalt not be named, returned her lamb dish (it was too gamey for her).  I’m surprised that they complied!  Bringing her a 2nd dish: this time, duck (she who shalt not be named LOVED it!).

Jordan, at Czehzgadofski, you are a God.

I heartily enjoyed my burger and fries, the bun was quite interesting…almost like a chinese bun, without the filling. Well, the filling I suppose was my beef patty.

We also tried the mac n cheese, which was amazing…very light and creamy (my stomach wasn’t happy with me later, but such is life).

Altogether a ‘hip’ place to wine and dine, and the nonchalant atmosphere lends itself well to the fact that the tables are situated almost touching with barely enough ass-room to get by.

Oh sorry was that my ass in your soup?  Pardon me.

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3 thoughts on “Czehoski Restaurant

  1. Jordan IS a God among men. Next time you see him, you should try kissing him on the mouth. It’s almost as good as the creme brulee!

    Posted by The girl who serves Brunch all weekend at Czizzizzle | October 19, 2010, 13:26
  2. That succulent duck confit, on a luxurious bed of garlic sweet potato velouté, roasted shallots and wilted greens … DEARLORDINTHEHEAVENSABOVE. It was even out of this world, as leftovers, two days later!

    I shall never forget you, Chwoskrudsux#8sky.

    Posted by She Who Shall Not Be Named | October 8, 2010, 14:27

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