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Local Feature: Harlem Underground

Location: 745 Queen St W, Toronto http://www.harlemrestaurant.com/underground With a wall-mural/graffitied glass hallway and red interior walls, Harlem looks like how you’d expect a restaurant in Harlem to look: cultured-chic, friendly and somewhere you’d want to spend a few good hours with friends and wholesome Southern cooking. Cajun Tempura Fried Okra $4.95 Of all the fascinating … Continue reading

Czehoski Restaurant

Location: 678 Queen St W., Toronto http://www.czehoski.com With its unpronounceable (and untypeable) name and rusty, industrial name plate hanging over its door, Czchzhecioski is all things cool and nonchalant.  Exactly what Queen West is about. The downstairs already filled, we were seated upstairs, where it was cose (new word) with a roaring fireplace and a … Continue reading

Global Cheese

Location: 76 Kensington Ave., Toronto Guys, I’ve finally discovered the world of cheese! Lactose-free cheese, that is. And the best variety,  found at Global Cheese in Kensington Market. They’re super friendly there and allow you to taste-test until your heart’s content. Smoked gouda and jalapeno gouda have now made it into my daily calorie intake. … Continue reading


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