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Product: Pita Break

I was recently sent a large box filled with  Pita Break products: a variety of One Bun pitas and Lavash “Flax and Honey” crackers.

Now, it’s no secret that I like to eat, so it was almost instantaneous that I broke into the Lavash cracker box!  It just so happened that I’d just met up with some friends for after-work beers, and these crackers were the perfect snack for the walk over to our Chinese restaurant for dinner.

Slender maybe, but quite “Lavash” in size, the nutty, natural, fibrous flavour would appear to be rather tasteless, but instead is quite the opposite.

Full-mouthed and double-fisting the crackers, all of us agreed they were addictive!

The pitas?

Are quite simply, fabulous.  And the variety that they have is astounding!

My favourite is the Breakfast Pita: Cranberry Orange.  They were so good in the morning and as a snack (of which there were many while these babies were around) they were perfect with a bit of almond butter and/or jam (usually both, who am I kidding?).

My hubby preferred the Apple Cinnamon.

And because we often like making breakfast egg sandwiches the Breakfast Muesli was perfect for this.

And let me just say, what an ingenious idea to make hamburger buns THINNER!!!

Hooray, right? These sandwich and burger buns didn’t last very long; especially with my husband’s home-made burger recipe; they work together so well!

What’s better than the thin hamburger bun?  The OneBun Hot dog bun – not only thinner, but like a taco, sits neatly on it’s side. Love it. And multigrain, to boot!

We can’t get enough of these pitas..they’re all -natural, preservative free, kosher and made in Toronto.   And they even won the Best Lunchbox Item and Best Snack for the Canadian Live Foundations LIVERight Awards.

Congratulations you guys, I’d have to agree.



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