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TRAVEL: London, ON: Raja


428 Clarence Street, London


Had a family anniversary celebration here.  The space is up-scale and elegant and nicely done up for large groups, such as us.

The service on the other hand, could use some tweaking.  Although it wasn’t busy, our server took a while to come over.  Then he failed to correctly explain the lunch specials to us so that when we ended up ordering the lunch specials, thinking they were smaller dinner portions, we were surprised to find they really couldn’t be shared at all as there was barely enough for one!

Only then were we told  that the lunch specials were “individual” portions not to be shared and that each special came with a side of rice, chick pea curry and salad.  Something we wouldn’t have ordered had we understood the server.  They were also overly intrusive with the “How are you enjoying your meal?”, “Can I take this away?” stuff.

As it is, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s the most annoying thing EVER, to have a server ask how your meal is WHILST your mouth is full of your very FIRST bite, forcing you to respond…”ITSFSFIIEN”.

The papad chutneys were beautifully arranged.

The onion bhajis were lovely.

The side of rice, chick pea curry and salad.

I disliked that all the meat dishes were served with side salads, as well.  I find it so unappealing when Indian restaurants do that.  Pickled carrots and onions are much more appropriate and flavourful when eaten together.

Variety of naans and breads.

The other curries (not part of the lunch special)

Altogether, the flavours were good, but the portions were far too small for the cost of them ($15-20) and the service could be better.

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