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TRAVEL: Mr. B’s Bistro, N’awlins


201 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA


So, this is another one of those overdue/back-burner pieces.
Better late than never, right?

Located in the French Quarter, and coming highly recommended from many a source on the world wide web, my first impression of Mr. B’s was that it seemed more suited towards a 40+ suit crowd.

Suits and in our case, bibs.

The bibs for de-shelling the shrimps in Mr. B’s signiture BBQ shrimp dish!
(Gulf shrimp barbequed New Orleans style, served in the shells with a peppery butter sauce, and French bread for dipping $18.00)


Apart from the de-shelling, this dish was fantastic! And I love that they share the recipe online!

The other dish was less painful.  Also, a bit bland.  Catfish with beans (Pecan crusted farm raised catfish topped with Creole meuniere sauce $15.00 )

The fried oysters $6.75 were excellent.

Blueberry Cobbler $8, perfectly old fashioned.

Suits or not, bibs or not…Mr. B’s Bistro is everything you imagine “N’awlins” to be.

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One thought on “TRAVEL: Mr. B’s Bistro, N’awlins

  1. This looks like such a cute place and that food! Ah it looks so good!

    Posted by Shawna | August 31, 2010, 21:03

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