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TRAVEL: India, Delhi: Yo China!


Third Floor, City Square Mall, Rajouri Garden, Delhi


Definitely one of the highlights from our trip to Delhi was eating chinese food.  That may sound weird, but chinese food in India is simply superb!  It’s spicy and flavourful in the way that chinese food isn’t in the west.  The closest you can get to that taste is haka chinese and Spadina Garden comes close, which is why it’s a fave of mine.

We were treated to an open menu dinner by the wonderful owners of Yo China!

The service was outstanding, and the presentation of the dishes, exquisite.

Just take a look:

Honey Chilly Potato Fries, which is their signature dish – crispy potato fingers, stir fried in the wok with honey chilly sauce & sesame seeds

Honey Chilly Potato - RS 79

Chilli Chicken, Dry:

Chilli Chicken Dry - RS 89

Prawns tossed with ginger lemon coriander sauce:

Prawn Singtu RS 159

Chicken Satay:

Chicken Satay RS 139

Legendary Malha Sizzler:Babycorn, Beans, Broccoli, Mushroom and black mushroom, red and yellow peppers tossed in the legendary Malha sauce served on a sizzler

Legendary Malha

Chicken Satay RS 139



Inside the dumplings

Lobster (off menu)

ChickenFried Rice 69

American Chop suey

Devil's Chocolate Cake With Ice Cream

Yo ! Snicker Sundae

By the time the lobster came out, we were fully stuffed ’cause the portions are massive.

And then when the dessert came out, well, I wasn’t going to refuse this:

Highly recommended!!!

All around a fantastic place to get chinese food!



2 thoughts on “TRAVEL: India, Delhi: Yo China!

  1. Nice pictures and looks like you had a great time. For the average consumer however, Yo! China serves substandard food, that looks bad, tastes worse. The food is supplemented by terrible service, unresponsive management and steadily declining standards.

    Wasn’t always this way. Used to love it at one time. 🙂

    Thank you for visiting my site. 🙂

    Posted by Sid Khullar | September 1, 2010, 11:18

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