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Chocolates, Dessert, Toronto


99 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto


Our friend whose baby shower we threw treated us to a fabulous evening at Morocco, er, sorry MoRoCo, not like the North African country.

A very lush and lavish, sumptuous, velvety, romantic place.




We had tea and more tea. The selections were highly unusual and came in little test tubes.


Tea pot & cups


The mac n’ cheese according to my friends (I’m lactose-intolerant) was better than any other they’d ever tasted, and I’m assuming they weren’t comparing it to Kraft.

Mac n cheese

The different creme brulees!

Chocolate fondue

The food is indulgent and makes you feel like a queen.

Also, the bathrooms are gorgeous little rooms in pretty black and white.

The service could have been better and more attentive but we were too busy being girly, to really care.

Yeah, this is a wonderful place to go with your girlfriends or on a romantic date.

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2 thoughts on “MoRoCo

  1. *sticks up pinky*

    Posted by akim_hobo | June 17, 2010, 10:39


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