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Fynn’s of Temple Bar

489 King Street West, Toronto


It used to be a Fionn MacCool’s and now the name isn’t all that different but the menu certainly is.  For one, they have these God-awful photographs that don’t really look related to anything ON the menu. Things like three scoops of vanilla ice-cream that looks as if a bite were taken out of one of the scoops. And tomatoes. Just you know, random tomatoes.

Regardless, Fynn’s is always a staple lunch time spot for us ’cause it serves what we really want for lunch on Fridays: beer. In my case, Guinness.

The food is still yummy and plentiful in portion-size.

Can’t ever go wrong with the Fish n chips.

fish n chips $14 (one piece $9)

Unfortunately my fave Jerk Tilapia has now been changed to tilapia with pesto and tomatoes (ah, I see where the image of tomatoes comes in useful now). It’s not bad, but I miss the Jerk Tilapia ’cause it had a delicious pineapple salsa on top. Bring it back, please!

pesto tilapia and roasted tomatoes on quinoa and basmati rice, with veggies, $16

Overall, no complaints though, this is definitely the best pub on King street near Spadina.

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3 thoughts on “Fynn’s of Temple Bar

  1. Great food always at this pub.This is the place i have had the best wild boar shank,best pull-pork,and the best bison burger ever!1

    Posted by pata | October 20, 2011, 23:10
  2. the jerk tilapia has been back for over 8 months now… but it may be going again soon in favour of a grilled mahi mahi dinner meal…

    best to come by and have it a few more times!

    Posted by rw | June 9, 2011, 23:35

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