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Frugal Fare #5: The Bellwoods Bar & Grill

756 Queen St W., Toronto

Cost: Under $10 for breakfast

It’s almost refreshing to find a place in TO that doesn’t cater to all your dietary concerns (ie. lactose-free and/or soy milk, gluten-free what-have-you).
It’s plain white or brown bread.

Milk or cream.

Sausages or bacon.
That’s what was so perfect about spotting the “ALL-DAY BREAKFAST” sign while driving around the Queen/King street area at 9am on Sunday in the search for breakfast.


Peter Pan was closed, Brant Street Cafe was closed, Fusaro’s was closed. Everything was either closed or only opened at 10:30am for brunch.  The key was to find a place that served coffee.

So the “ALL-DAY BREAKFAST” sign was that much better.

The interior

Bellwood owner Tom Koulias has been in business for 40 years!

The first thing on the menu was simply: FOUR eggs with toast, bacon and potatoes.


I believe French toast might have been the second thing on the menu.

“I am so happy right now.”

FOUR eggs with bacon!

Ma French Toast!

BUTTER! Awesome.

Heavily buttered goodness!


We like to mix it up

There's a "Help Wanted" sign....any takers?

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One thought on “Frugal Fare #5: The Bellwoods Bar & Grill

  1. Thanks so much for leaving a note on my blog! Have a lovely weekend:)

    Posted by Diana | April 23, 2010, 09:46

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