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Bar Wellington


520 Wellington St W, Toronto

Oh, Bar Wellie, how you’ve changed.


Okay, not to be quite so dramatic, but we really had some good times Bar Wellie and I. Once upon a time, when the service was nice and friendly, and I had my first taste of Leffe beer. Let me tell you, it was something else.  Now it really IS something else.

The service is sloooooooooooooow and rude and the food is, well, okay, so the food was never really THAT good.  The club sandwich, really dry and the pizza bland.

Club Sandwich


It does have a big outdoor patio though, but size isn’t all that matters.

I guess we will always have Leffe Beer.

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2 thoughts on “Bar Wellington

  1. Maybe you caught them on an off day – I usually get really good service when I go there

    I haven’t tried these items on the menu but the burger is pretty good

    Posted by Sambots | April 15, 2010, 12:18

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