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Panago on Bremner

You may remember my last Panago Pizza entry, where I said it was tasty pizza but expensive.  Recently, we tried the location on Bremner Blvd (off Lower Simcoe), the first time ordering to go instead of ordering in.

The place was bright and well lit and the service courteous and helpful.  We simply wanted a small pizza to go –  (They don’t sell by the slice, which I find odd).something to munch on as a snack.  We got the garden veggie for $10 – I believe it was a small 10″ pizza.

So,  I get the whole Italian show of making pizza – EH! – Imma throw it up inna de air, and catch it bare-fisted on ma hairy arms- OH!

But really, is it okay that they do this without hairnets and gloves?  The dude who made our pizza had greasy long hair and what looked like bloody knuckles (obviously – I think – tomato sauce) which made for a really unappealing looking demo!  And looking at the manner in which he dug his nails into the crust fashioning it onto the pan, I could only hope those nails were clean.   landed on his hairy arms, where he rolled it around for a bit before plopping the whole thing on the pan. Awesome.  Good thing baking it at 450F will kill off anything….but the hairs into the crust.

Needless to say, it wasn’t the best pizza, ever.  It was in fact, awful.  Funny and runny tomato salsa-type sauce and thick, chewy mozza with tasteless garden veggies.

No wonder making your own (or ordering in) is so much better…one could do without the visuals.

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