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Chocolates, Dessert, Montreal

Juliet et Chocolat


1615 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal

Juliet et Chocolat

One of the places we stopped in at for a few pralines.   I can’t remember now how much they were; I have the receipt somewhere, but I do remember them being quite pricey.

They looked like the ones I’d once bought from Costco a while ago…this one pictured below is a little beaten having been the sole survivor to make it on film.

The last praline from Juliet et Chocolat....

If you like fancy chocolates like I do, it’s a good place to try out.  These pralines weren’t too exciting, but I’d go back and try something else there.

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2 thoughts on “Juliet et Chocolat

  1. I’ve been to Juliette & Chocolat a number of times but never for the pralines. Their hot chocolate is one of the major successes, offering it with milk, dark or extra-better dark chocolate in classic or grandma style. The fondu and the brownies are pretty good too

    Posted by canucklibrarian | April 14, 2010, 06:59

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