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Beer, Bistro, Breakfast, Toronto

Beer Bistro


18 King E., Toronto,


Was hyped to go to Beer Bistro having heard so many great things about the huge selection of beer etc etc etc…

And I have to say, although the beers were good and the selection massive…we were a tad disappointed with the food. We went for brunch and everything looked fantastic and our service was excellent.

There just wasn’t anything overly fantastic about the meal.  Definitely not the place for brunch, but yes to after work drinks, me thinks.

So here’s what we shared for brunch.  Some appley-type fritters…

Gorgeous presentation, but not outstanding flavour.

Eggs benedict sandwich, something something.   Disappointing.

Certainly had interesting beers…we got a taster ($6 for any 3).

We thought the interior looked like a rock climbing gym…funny blue coloured ceiling with holes in it, stuccoed walls and lights that look like hanging harnesses….

Or maybe we’d just had too much to drink…

It IS called Beer Bistro and not Brunch Bistro for a reason.  Go for the drinks.

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4 thoughts on “Beer Bistro

  1. Maybe it’s a bad idea to look at your food pics so late at night…hmmm. Good to know about Beer Bistro’s brunch. I’ve tried the mussels there and I was quite happy with those though. If you’re willing to go back there, I’d recommend it!

    Posted by YY | April 4, 2010, 00:28
  2. I need a cold one right now.

    Posted by akim_hobo | April 3, 2010, 04:25

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