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Starving Artist

584 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto

Cost: $9-10 per breakfast entree


What better way to end (and start) a year than to brunch?

First, there was the 31st.

Upon the suggestion of a friend, our annual xmas reunion, of sorts, took place at Starving Artist, one of the few places open for brunch on New Years Eve (they were very accommodating with our large-ish group, and open at 10am, which was a bonus for our schedule that day).

In a highly residential area, just north of Bloor on Lansdowne, sits the Starving Artist, with all of the ambiance of a Queen West indie bar, it’s a non-commission-taking gallery/performance space/restaurant/bar.


Waffle Benny $9

The Waffle Benny, wonderfully presented and heartily enjoyed by those who ordered it.

The Hitchhiker $10

The Hitchhiker, what I ordered – Scrambled Eggs with Cheddar – 4 Pieces of Caramelized Bacon – 2 Mini Waffles (Upgrade to Waffled Bacon for $2 extra)

Of course I upgraded, but instead they gave me the regular waffles (a mistake I am certainly NOT complaining about because to make up for it they gave me a complimentary side of waffled bacon).

Focusing on the caramelized bacon...

Not only was the regular bacon out of this world, I was very happy with the waffled bacon, as well. Perfect combination of sweet and salty, which is my weakness.

Side of Waffled Bacon $5 – served with Maple Syrup

All the dishes come with salad and fresh fruit

Chicken Bacon Club $9

Chicken bacon club, with Havarti, Secret Sauce and Cucumbers – possibly not such a hit with my friend C who didn’t finish her meal…*okay, she says it was good, but she was just too full from the 3am crepes she’d devoured a few hours earlier!*

Breakfast Waffle $9

The Breakfast Waffle – two poached eggs, two potato waffles and caramelized bacon, the bacon can be substituted with avacado, was tasty, but likely better with bacon..just my humble opinion.

My Earl Grey cup through Hobography's tilt-shift lens

(Mine was not a very good attempt at using the tilt-shift lens, see far more impressive examples on Hobography’s blog)

Cappuccino $3.50

According to my coffee enthusiast friends, their Americanos/espressos/ cappuccinos (supposed specialties of the joint) weren’t strong enough. Also, the draft in the back area of the bar, that we all felt, quickly cooled down our hot drinks.

So there you have it.

Dark and drafty, Starving Artist is like a beer…only, waffled.

Definitely worth a try especially if you’re near the area.

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7 thoughts on “Starving Artist

  1. yumm!!! it all looks super amazing!!! i am definitely sad i couldn’t be there, but i’m glad you all had a great meal. Happy New Year!! 😀

    Posted by Stina | January 7, 2010, 00:44
  2. Wow. Those waffles look delicious. I’m very sorry I missed it! Great photos and wonderful review!

    Posted by alicia | January 6, 2010, 19:03
  3. beautiful pics. For $9, that’s like the best eggs benedict value meal around.

    I post therefore I live.

    Posted by akim_hobo | January 6, 2010, 19:01
  4. wow looks yummmy… Great photos!

    Posted by kidchuckle | January 6, 2010, 18:52


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