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Frugal Fare #4: Ghazale


504 Bloor St. W, Toronto

Cost: $3.49 for a falafel


We found ourselves searching for food in the Annex one evening before the start of Filmi 2009.

I laugh now when I think about how we walked right PAST Ghazale (even though it was packed; which we all know is a clear indication that the place is damn good) and over to Mount Everest (which I’ve also heard is amazing) to check out their menu and see if we could have a sit-down dinner there in under 30 minutes (answer: no). So again, we walked about perusing outdoor menus and turning our noses down to practically everything we didn’t have a hankering for. Finally with less than 15 minutes left before the start of the fest, we shared a quick slice of Pizzaiolo pizza (I am a fan of their chicken pesto slice) vowing to get a proper meal after the show.

Alas, after the show and after chatting with friends, we realized it was too late to enjoy a fancy restaurant experience on a weeknight, but not too late for a falafel! And after hearing how good Ghazale is from the said friends, we had to try it.

I present you with:

Falafel Sandwich $3.49

Ghazale Menu

Fresh ingredients

Ghazale is situated beside the Bloor Street Cinema

Happy Falafel it was.

Frugal fare at it’s best in the city!

They’re open till 4am all week, and a new location just opened at Church & Wellesley (78 Wellesley St.)

Mount Everest has some competition now.

Ghazale on Urbanspoon



6 thoughts on “Frugal Fare #4: Ghazale

  1. Now why would you go ahead and do something stupid like compare Ghazale (Middle eastern) and Mt. Everest (Indian/Nepalese).

    And unless Ghazale stops mass cooking their dishes and throws out their microwaves, it will always be nothing more than a glorified ethnic place.
    Try Sarah’s Shawarma (next to Futures cafe) for falafel

    Posted by Gautam | December 18, 2009, 22:52
    • Now why would you go ahead and do something stupid like leave a comment like that?

      Nowhere in my post was I even CLOSE to comparing the two restaurants – please feel free to actually READ the post before commenting, next time. I didn’t know mass cooking dishes was a bad thing, and again if you’d have read the post, you’d have understood that Ghazale is located right beside the Bloor street cinema which is why we bought the falafel there (and might I add, loved it!)

      I appreciate the suggestion on Sarah’s Shawarma, but next time, try to be a tad bit smarter about how you comment. Thanks!

      Posted by Foodhogger | December 21, 2009, 13:08
  2. hmm… reading this made me very hungry! I’ve been looking for a really great falafel place.

    Posted by alicia | December 11, 2009, 15:38
  3. Take me please

    Posted by akim_hobo | November 30, 2009, 19:53

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