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140 Cumberland Street, Toronto

Cost: Avg main is $13


In the heart of Yorkville there’s a cosy little people (or celeb) -watching pub that has the likeness of some Great-Grandfather’s study. Green walls, heavy bookcases laden with old books, equestrian oil paintings lit up with dimmed wall sconces, antique wooden furniture dusty with age —-oh, hang on, that actually is my Great-Granddaddy’s study…

I got carried away.

But you get my drift, Hemmingways has the authenticity of an ol’ pub that Hemmingway himself might have frequented, but with a menu that’s a mash-up of Eastern and Western delights, ie: bruschetta, spring rolls, escargot, Boston Clam chowder, Caesar salads, Greek salads, Tandoori what-nots, roti, pad thai, kung pao whatsits, souvlaki, fajitas….it’s a really eclectic menu.

The ambiance at Hemmingways























I had the chicken souvlaki once and it was great; couldn’t complain. I did however complain about the wine which tasted like that cloth one uses to wipe up counters…YOU know the one! They even confessed that they had that particular bottle sitting out for a while and opened a new one for me.

Chicken Souvlaki $13.99

Besides that one incident (and I only ordered beer after that night), Hemmingways is quite simply: cosy.

And if you can’t make up your mind on what to have for dinner, or if you have picky company to dine with, go to Hemmingways. Lots of food options PLUS beer.

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