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BBQ, fries, Jerk, Toronto

Ackee Tree


170 Spadina Ave. Toronto


I’ve not eaten a full meal at Ackee Tree.

The Jerk fries that I ordered were quite sadly limp and lacking in any real Jerk flavour, however, that said, my friends who ordered the chicken roti and BBQ chicken meals were more or less satisfied with their meals.

Here, the said orders:

Not so fresh Jerk Fries $4

Boneless Curry Chicken Roti $11.99

BBQ Chicken $10.95

I was fully pleased with my Old Jamaican Ginger Beer…especially when the first sip exploded with some tang! through my nasal cavity.

Always a fan of ginger beer..with sometang.

Old Jamaican Ginger Beer

I’ve not written off Ackee Tree, I can’t do that based only on fries…

Ackee Tree on Urbanspoon



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