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Oakville/Mississauga, Spicy, Sushi, Take-out

Eastern Japanese and Asian Fusion


2318 Royal Windsor Dr, Oakville

Cost: approx $15 pp

We were craving some sushi take-out and decided to give Eastern a try on the basis that you just never know!
Well, who knew, indeed? Eastern is amazing.

We went in to check out their take-out menu and decided they certainly have a variety of foods (from sushi to thai to chinese). And once we spoke to Andy we decided on keeping it simple with a salmon bento box and a spicy schezuan chicken dish with rice. While we waited we were served tea and it’s at that point that we decided we liked that place (even before tasting the meal).

And it was a damn good meal, let me tell you.

Tasty and spicy (with real dried red chilies) schezuan chicken (with loads of chicken).

The peppers, green onions etc were all very fresh (unlike the slightly rotten tasting veggies so common in many asian restos).

The bento box sushi was incredible; the tempura just perfect.

They also have all-you-can eat sushi for $12.99 at lunch and $19.99 at dinner (I believe, but will confirm).

Now a definite favourite in the ‘Ville!

Eastern Japanese & Asian Fusion on Urbanspoon



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