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TRAVEL: Montreal!

Off to Montreal for the weekend!

Got a few recommendations (thanks A!) under my belt, such as Daou for Lebanese and Chu Chai for veg Thai.

Any other places I must try?

***Update*** My friend M  just recommended the following (Thanks M!!) so I had to share her list:

Sushi: http://www.maiko-sushi.com/montreal/en/mtl-index.htm

Thai vegan: http://restomontreal.ca/portal/chuchai/index.php?lang=en

Thai for real lol: http://www.chao-phraya.com/

Fondue place(fantastic): http://www.fonduementale.com/

Pub but fancier and a gazillion beers (try the Shoune a l’erable): http://www.bieresetcompagnie.ca/

Lebanese lunch place: Basha and it’s on the second floor…there should be a Sports Expert store below it : http://www.restomontreal.ca/restaurants/index.php?section=viewresto&resto_id=159&lang=en

Tapas…amazing: http://www.casatapas.com/



BEST croissants EVER. NO questions asked. LOL : http://www.premieremoisson.com/Home/

A diner type place that’s pretty famous and really good: http://montrealbreakfastreview.com/dustys

OH!! How can I forget. You want an insane poutine??!!!! Go there:



One thought on “TRAVEL: Montreal!

  1. ihave fun! I still haven’t made it out there. Sad

    Posted by akim_hobo | September 24, 2009, 18:00

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