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323 Kerr Street, Oakville

Cost: Sunday Brunch approx $9 per entree

After all the hoopla and hype over Stoney’s; we finally made it for brunch on Sunday and I have to tell you…I am a little bit disappointed.

Okay, so you stand in line, make your order, get a number, pick up your own drinks, seat yourself and your food is brought to you. I get it guys, I get it. But I have to ask why.

Why must you make your own tea/coffee and gingerly navigate your way to a table through the throngs of seated patrons? Perhaps even spilling some hot tea on the way to the outdoor patio? I feel that if I have to make my own tea standing at the milk/sugar counter in a restaurant on a Sunday morning, I might as well have stayed at home and done the same. Likewise, having to clear dirty utensils from the table shouldn’t be on my morning list of things to do…at a restaurant. And if you’re already getting the food brought to your table; why don’t they just take orders at the table?

Also, running out of soy milk/lactose free-milk is not really acceptable when you’re only open from 9am to 3pm on Sunday.

Our meals took a very long time to arrive (and we came after the breakfast crowd) that by the time they did arrive our hot drinks were cold and there were no offers made for refills. And while the service is friendly, we still had to call out for clean utensils to our server as she walked away after plunking our plates down (without even a glance) and also requested salt and pepper which was forgotten until we asked a second time. We also had to return to the front counter to remind them about the forgotten banana bread we’d ordered (more on the taste of the banana bread later).

So, before you get your underpants in a knot, let me just say that I don’t consider myself a brunch snob although I am somewhat of a French toast connoisseur having cooked variations of it myself since I was, maybe twelve, and with it usually being my sole order at breakfast/brunch places all over, I can confidently say this:

The French Toast at Stoney’s is just…okay.

On the positive (or maybe for some, negative) side, it is massive. The presentation is nice and the price is good for that much French toast. The plate was literally stacked with three huge slabs of bread. I say bread because it was literally too thick for the eggy-ness to fully penetrate the bready centre.

I dislike cutting into French toast only to find dry bread staring back at me. Admittedly the coating of brown sugar and cinnamon was tasty, but it wasn’t enough coating and the too few fruits (although I did like the surprise of star fruit) on top of the mountainous “slabic” toast and teeny cup of maple syrup on the side was simply unjustly proportioned to the bread. However, I will happily admit that the side of bacon I got was perfection, although it’s hard to screw up strips of fried pork.

The frittata was good…I’m hugely into artichokes so that part was great. Ordering egg whites didn’t make it any less greasy…(this coming from someone who ordered bacon on the side, I know) and the mixed greens salad might have been better with the dressing on the side, but I suppose we should have ordered it that way.

Lastly, having to brush away the wasps and flies at our table (even before the food came, likely because the table hadn’t been cleaned before we sat down) we had to eat quickly when our food finally did arrive. Argh, certainly not very relaxing the way a Sunday brunch should be.

And that home-made banana bread ($2.50) I told you about earlier? Don’t do it. Absolutely no banana taste and oily to the core. No nuts even! Possibly the worst banana bread ever (best banana bread is still the one from the road-side stall in Maui).

There you have it guys…Foodhogger’s Stoney’s experience.

Undoubtedly some people’s favourite joint to brunch, but overall, I’m not a fan of the system they have there…too much work involved for a lazy Sunday morning. Perhaps I’d go again for a sandwich or pizza at lunch where their cafeteria system would work. It’s a good thing it’s in the ‘burbs…a place like Stoney’s wouldn’t survive in the city on that sort of system. Fusaro’s in Toronto also has a cafeteria style system, but it’s during the week and for lunch…they know better for brunch on the weekend…it’s full table service; just how people want to eat on a Sunday, otherwise what’s different than cooking up some french toast at home?

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3 thoughts on “Stoney’s

  1. I love your comments, someone with perspective and knows something about the “service”industry. Thank you for you timley and insightful post

    Posted by samantha | August 15, 2011, 11:34
  2. Stoney’s has amazing food, which triumphs all. No one goes there for the service – it’s waaaaaay too busy to be efficient at the best of times (there is only ONE cash register to order/pay for food at) – you go to Stoney’s because the food is the best lunch food in Oakville. Never in my life did I think a SANDWICH SHOP would make a better lunch than any restaurant I’d been to.
    If you want stellar service go before noon or after 3pm during the week: don’t go on the weekend.

    Posted by elizabeth | June 3, 2011, 21:18
  3. The brunch is not why you go to Stoney’s. You go to Stoney’s for a casual lunch, where the seat-yourself setup is endearing and original. Dinner is alright too, although slightly overpriced.

    The Florence St. sandwich and a number of the sandwiches and pizza’s are delicious. Don’t discount this amazing gem on Kerr St. so easily. Just don’t go at brunch.

    Posted by Fooduouso | April 17, 2010, 23:56

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