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Breakfast, Brunch, French Toast, Italian, Toronto

Fusaro’s Kitchen


147 Spadina Avenue, Toronto

Cost: $10-15 for lunch


This is a long overdue post; I guess because it’s such a frequented lunch spot for me that I simply thought I was having a home-cooked meal at times!

If you don’t get there by 11:45am at the latest, be prepared to wait in a long line up that runs out the door!

The pre-made pizzas, sandwiches, quiches etc are all very good – a pizza slice will only set you back a few dollars and is way better than Mama’s Pizza. I really like the croissant with chicken, olives and feta (a bit o’ cheese never hurt anyone)…although it’s a tad salty.

The panini’s and pastas are made to order and add $2 for a side salad…

Their daily specials are listed on the fairly new blackboard on the side (Fusaro’s has undergone some interior design changes in the last couple of years – going from orange walls with black and white photography to plain blue walls with the menus on blackboards – for a more minimalist look or realistically, more spatially accommodating for the sheer volume of the lunchtime crowd.

I’ve had many a pasta dish here and I have never had a bad experience.

I have heard from my yoga instructor however, that she gained weight eating the salads here (So, note to self, and to you reader). It’s all that dressing – which they actually do put a bit too much of .

I even hosted a birthday brunch here a few years ago (the Evite was aptly titled: “Let’s get some f*****ckiin freeeeeench toast” a la 40 year old Virgin).

Someone else got the calabrese, like so:

Salmon & eggs:

Eggs florentin:

Not a lot of people know about the brunch on Saturday, but it’s lovely and not at all like the cafeteria-style-lunch-time atmosphere. The food, on the other hand, is just as good 🙂

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