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Sushi, Toronto

Aji Sai


467 Queen St. W, Toronto

It seems Queen street is constantly reinventing itself…new restaurants…new condos….new yoga studios. There are the staples: Gandhi’s, New York Sub, Subway and then the newbies: Leslieville Cheese Market and the maybe not so new anymore, Aji Sai Japanese restaurant.

These were the sorts of dishes we shared around…

I’ve been to Aji Sai twice now, and both times were hits…it’s a great work lunch spot especially if you’re one to share.

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4 thoughts on “Aji Sai

  1. Great food shots!

    Posted by nelsonmiranda73 | December 30, 2009, 15:02
  2. Great food shots…must say that these actually make me want to try out some Japanese food that I have never tasted..maybe I have to go visit Aji Sai and I will be a changed person 🙂

    Posted by COAT | August 28, 2009, 00:41

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