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Dimmi Bar & Trattoria

140 Cumberland St, Toronto

$9-15 for a pizza

We walked around for about an hour before deciding on a place to have dinner. Somehow the places on Yonge St. (Green Mango, Friendly Thai) didn’t appeal to us and Craft Burger further North didn’t entice everyone. Finally, after checking the menus at Nervosa Trattoria and Hemingways, we decided that Dimmi’s had the best options (or maybe by then we were just really, really hungry).

(I didn’t want to lug my giant camera along all day, so these photographs are courtesy of my friend A.R.)

We ordered a couple of pizzas to share around: The Bruschetta ($9), the Funghi ($15)…and the Margherita ($11) to go. And my friends got the calamari ($12 which came with a side salad); they claimed it was tasty and filling (I refuse to eat calamari after a horrible – mostly exaggerated- life-changing experience).

The Bruschetta pizza was quite tasty and moist which was what was lacking in the Funghi mushroom pizza. The Margherita also tasted good (flavourful with the basil, which I love) on the drive home (I had to try a slice!).
Margherita pizza
Our service was attentive in a nice, non-intrusive way…perhaps the standard for Yorkville restos? All around a quaint little restaurant in Yorkville with, I’d say, reliably good food.

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2 thoughts on “Dimmi Bar & Trattoria

  1. This restaurant was definitely a good one and I would love to go there again to try some of their pasta dishes. I had their Bruschetta pizza as well and really enjoyed it as well. It was a delicously fresh pizza without the heaviness that you would probably feel with a pizza pizza or pizza hut pizza. The service was really good and reminded me of my time in Italy….the italians are very attentive and quite flirty as well…so usually the experience is always nice such as in this case. I would definitely go there again and the prices were pretty decent for a place in yorkville.

    Posted by COAT | August 28, 2009, 00:34

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