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TRAVEL: Palm Beach, Hamburger Heaven


314 South Country Road, Palm Beach, Florida

Cost: $25 for two

Hamburger Heaven is a cute little diner in Palm Beach and one of two places suggested to us to get breakfast in the area – I’m sure there are more joints to grab freshly squeezed OJ, but HH was super close to our hotel and the beach which made it perfect.

We didn’t make it in time for breakfast the first day…missed it by more than a few hours (breakfast is served until 11am and we were there around 3!), but our lunch consisted of what we considered to be makeshift breakfast dishes…ie. quiche (eggs and spinach) and fruits!

It was gloooooooooorious!!!! Ta DA!

And we thought we’d try the special of the day – Blackened tilapia on salad….my oh my was it ever delush! SO glad we missed breakfast! It was the perfect 3pm meal!

We did make it in time for french toast and eggs the next day though! And they remembered us and sat us in the same booth – so sweet! The service was amazing, they didn’t make any fuss seating us in a booth even though there were just two of us and even though they had a lineup later for lunch with groups of four waiting. It just reminded me of horrible Mildred’s Temple Kitchen and their huge a** fuss of seating us!

We had freshly squeezed OJ (how could you not?). Omg you guys, soooo good!

The eggs, toast, side of potatoes and….bacon….

I always get french toast for breakfast…and these were tasty (I have to admit Testa’s was better, though especially with their serving of fruit on the top) but I was loving the giant Texas style toast.

The breakfast was all very good but I think it’s called hamburger heaven for a reason and we really wanted to come back for one of their burgers but they were closed on Sunday, our last day there! Oh well, next time for the hamburger! We ended up jokingly calling this place Hamburger Helper but it truly is a little taste of heaven.

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2 thoughts on “TRAVEL: Palm Beach, Hamburger Heaven

  1. that quiche looked heavenly! wish i could have it right now! miam miam!

    Posted by alicia | August 12, 2009, 16:57

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