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Is David’s Tea overrated?

Is David’s Tea overrated?

I just had David’s “English Breakfast” tea from Dark Horse and (with milk added) it looked the way a half-drunk-cup-of-tea-filled-with-water looks like in the sink and it tasted like how you would imagine that half-drunk-cup-of-tea-filled-with-water in the sink would taste like.

Gross. Yeah.

Overrated, I think.



4 thoughts on “Is David’s Tea overrated?

  1. Is it really fair to judge the tea company, and not the place that served it? David’s Tea, when bought in the store, comes with specific directions regarding temperature and steeping time. Perhaps Dark Horse didn’t follow the directions. Certainly the way it was presented to you wasn’t due to the tea itself, but the staff at Dark Horse.
    Yes, it is pricey, however, the tea can be reused at least 3 times, so for your money, you are getting pretty good value. Besides, you can easily spend $6.50 on a single cocktail. Why not by some tea and do your body some good?

    Posted by ElleM | November 27, 2009, 13:30
    • Hi ElleM,

      Thanks for your comment.
      I have purchased David’s Tea (more than 3 varieties) and steeped it myself according to the directions and have to say I’m not a fan of some of them. I suppose you can say that it’s not the tea company’s fault that I don’t like the TASTE of some of the teas; that, would just be my opinion. As far as reuse goes, that’s only good if you like the tea in the first place.

      Language of the Leaf has an amazing loose leaf Earl Grey tea that is $10 for 100g (not $6.50 for 26g!). Not only is it cheaper, it has a much nicer taste. To me, that says David’s Tea is overrated. But I do agree with you, I will buy some tea and do my body some good, I just won’t buy David’s Tea.

      Posted by Foodhogger | November 27, 2009, 14:51
  2. Yes (overrated AND overpriced). If you are stuck with this rubbish, mix it with an Assam tea to get some colour.

    Posted by kent | August 10, 2009, 17:17

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