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TRAVEL: Palm Beach, Pizza Girls

Location: 114 S Clematis St West Palm Beach, FL http://www.pizzagirls.com Probably the best. pizza. I’ve ever had. We craved this pizza, not days later, but hours later…..honestly. Go.

Aji Sai

Location: 467 Queen St. W, Toronto It seems Queen street is constantly reinventing itself…new restaurants…new condos….new yoga studios. There are the staples: Gandhi’s, New York Sub, Subway and then the newbies: Leslieville Cheese Market and the maybe not so new anymore, Aji Sai Japanese restaurant. These were the sorts of dishes we shared around… I’ve … Continue reading

Product: Mo’s Bacon Bar

Cost:  $10  (Thanks go out to A.L for telling me about this chocolate bar and buying it for all of us to try!) Everyone who knows me knows I love bacon. I feast on the stuff at all-inclusive-vacation-buffets and am known to add it as a side to my french toast if it doesn’t already … Continue reading

Lola’s Commissary

Location: 634 Church Street, Toronto Cost: Approx $25 pp http://www.lolascommissary.com I think seeing “sexy potatoes” on their online menu (although I think it’s actually “sexy sweet potatoes”  on the menu) is what sold us to eat here. That, and the recommendation from a friend at work whose paintings also hang in the restaurant 🙂 Our gaggling … Continue reading

Dimmi Bar & Trattoria

Location: 140 Cumberland St, Toronto Cost: $9-15 for a pizza http://www.dimmibar.com We walked around for about an hour before deciding on a place to have dinner. Somehow the places on Yonge St. (Green Mango, Friendly Thai) didn’t appeal to us and Craft Burger further North didn’t entice everyone. Finally, after checking the menus at Nervosa … Continue reading

Thai Satay & More

Location: 187 Cross Avenue Oakville, ON Cost: buffet $11.95 http://www.thaisatayandmore.com “What’s the ‘more’ in Thai Satay and More?” That’s the question I was asking on Sunday when we discovered that TS&M was one of the only few places open for dinner on a Sunday evening in the Ville. Stoney’s was closed. The buffet at TS&M … Continue reading

Zimbel’s Cafe

Location: 410 Adelaide Street West In place of Mosaic, there now is Zimbel’s Cafe! It must be hard for them to get everyone’s attention being hidden away in such a quiet street as Adelaide especially with Timmy’s on the other corner and Le Gourmand and Starbucks dominating the Richmond/Spadina area. However, I think business will … Continue reading

PYO: Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market on Thursdays is kind of fun…it’s a bit of the burbs in the city. $.75 sunflower (from Andrews’ Scenic Acres), blueberries & strawberries (from Warner’s Farm, Beamsville – blueberries are not that sweet), corn AND an apple crumble (from ASA)….. Getting home should be interesting.

Wanda’s Belgian Waffles

Location: 331 Yonge Street, Toronto I love that this is called a cafe, yet there’s barely enough standing room for two! Meant to be more of a street vendor (order through the window) this little ‘cafe’ serves up the best waffles I’ve ever had from the street! Forget morning breakfasts and brunches, you can pick … Continue reading

TRAVEL: Palm Beach, Charley’s Crab

Location: 456 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL http://www.muer.com Our first place to dine in PB was Charley’s Crab…a highly recommended restaurant along the beach. Apart from the Guinness that was poured out of a bottle (egh)… the sandwiches we ordered were amazing and I’m not a huge sandwich person! (We quickly realized that most … Continue reading