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Snack, Toronto

Product: Ricepod Wasabi Mix

From: Fresh & Wild


69 Spadina Avenue (King & Spadina)

Cost: $2.99

My friend just offered me some of this. 

It says it’s ‘spicy’ on the package but I know spicy; I laugh in the face of spicy. Bwhahaa.

I had two that were stuck together and my head just exploded. 

It’s raeally hared to teaype with brain awell ovwer teh kyewbaord.



8 thoughts on “Product: Ricepod Wasabi Mix

  1. hmm.. looks really yummy! Funny article! loved it!

    Posted by alicia | August 12, 2009, 17:07
  2. I still got some on my desk tam! you know you wanna.

    Posted by lurgee | June 29, 2009, 22:59
  3. hmmmm…brain all ower da quebored…woa! Must be damn hawt…I heart hawt but heart my brane more….I thinks I stays aways!

    Posted by COAT | June 24, 2009, 15:55
  4. ohhhhh noooooooo!! not brains on the keyboard!!! ew!…scoop’em up fast and stick’em back in yer head lady! I am now afraid to try these. heheheh

    Posted by Tam | June 22, 2009, 11:42

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