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Burgers, Toronto

Craft Burger


573 King Street West, Toronto (this review)

Other location:

830 Yonge Street, Toronto

Cost: $10 burger combo (includes can of pop or water & fries or onion rings)


It used to be El Penco. *Sniff sniff* how I loved El Penco…the chimichangas were so cheap and so good. And the sandwiches were always made with love.

Craft Burger’s burgers are made with…hands.

As much as I still do miss El Penco, I have to say Craft Burger is sloooowly winning me over. I still dislike the interior cramped-ness; eating in makes me feel claustophobic (somehow it always looked way bigger when it was El Penco..*sigh*).

Oh, I’m also not a fan of the fries; do they have sweet potato fries?

The Classic Burger is $5.65 or you can do the combo for $10 and get a can of pop or water and fries or onion rings. I’ve yet to try anything BUT the classic burger though…old habits die hard (I’ve only been to CB twice). I hear the cookies are some of the best in the city?! Is this true? Somebody tell me. I also hear the veg burger is amazing….again, will have to test out this theory…someday only though ’cause lookit how delish this is:

It’s a tasty burger. I wouldn’t say it’s the BEST burger in town ’cause I wouldn’t know. You’d have to tell me which is the best. Down the street at Banknote you can get a pretty decent burger combo that’s mighty good, too.

But how about the size of the onion rings:

At those sizes, I think there were only a couple of onion rings in the bag.

So is it open late for dinner? (A friend of mine responded with: “Then it should be called Craft Dinner”…haha, she is so witty, that one.) And the answer is yes, they’re open till 10pm (Mon-Thurs) 11pm (Fri-Sat) and 9pm (Sun) and it’s much tastier than Kraft Dinner (some may disagree).

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8 thoughts on “Craft Burger

  1. That veggie burger was dry and tasteless. Normally, I never go for a veggie burger, if I have a choice but I had it during Lent, when I was off meat and it was a terrible; particularly after hearing how GOOD the organic beef burgers were there. A friend tried the lamb burger there and was quite impressed. In my opinion, both the veggie burger and fries are not worth returning for, but when I do, I’ll try the organic beef and onion rings … and THAT COOKIE to discover what it’s about. I can’t imagine it’s better than LE GOURMAND though …

    Posted by A | October 6, 2009, 20:19
    • Hahaha, thanks for the comment A! I’ve yet to come across a really amazing veggie burger myself; so I’ll def take your word on that one. MMM…..I could use a Craft Burger today! I know, I’m wondering about that cookie too; I highly doubt it’s better than Le G’s!

      Posted by Foodhogger | October 7, 2009, 09:40
  2. I am a food fanatic and I’m always searching the internet for food ideas. I love my hamburgers the most of course . Can anybody suggest some variations of burgers?


    Posted by Kate | August 13, 2009, 10:39
  3. i used to travel to toronto for work at a company on king street… good thing this place didn’t exist when i was there. i might have become a regular! thanks for scoping me out btw. 🙂

    Posted by birthday girl | June 24, 2009, 23:16
  4. We too were suitably impressed when the heart-attack-on-a-platter was done and we realized that the cash register was down. In some cases, this could cause the service to grind to a screeching halt. Not here…full points for going old school with a paper and a pen!

    Great photos, by the way…

    Posted by timinganddelivery.com | June 15, 2009, 20:48

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