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Truscott Italian Bakery and Deli

Location: 2425 Truscott Dr, Mississauga ON I’m sure you will agree, there’s nothing quite like freshly baked bread; the smell, the taste, the warmth, it’s all so very good!  I definitely heart bakeries. When I was growing up there was a lovely little bakery called Hot n’ Crusty where the breads were baked fresh every morning; it was always … Continue reading

Product: Ricepod Wasabi Mix

From: Fresh & Wild Location: 69 Spadina Avenue (King & Spadina) Cost: $2.99 My friend just offered me some of this.  It says it’s ‘spicy’ on the package but I know spicy; I laugh in the face of spicy. Bwhahaa. I had two that were stuck together and my head just exploded.  It’s raeally hared … Continue reading

Salad King

For this review of Salad King, I’ve invited one part of the wonderful couple (and fellow bloggers) I dined with at SK, to contribute her take on this restaurant which will be up soon. ~~ A couple of the neon lights in the “Salad King” sign were out when we went – so it read … Continue reading


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Craft Burger

Location: 573 King Street West, Toronto (this review) Other location: 830 Yonge Street, Toronto Cost: $10 burger combo (includes can of pop or water & fries or onion rings) http://www.craftburger.com It used to be El Penco. *Sniff sniff* how I loved El Penco…the chimichangas were so cheap and so good. And the sandwiches were always … Continue reading

David’s Tea

Location: 336 Queen Street W, Toronto Cost: $6.50 for 50g http://www.davidstea.com Beside the well-known Rivoli on Queen St. there is a sliver of a store that looks like it could be an urban bubble tea cafe. It’s urban alright, but not bubble tea. The place is called David’s Tea and it boasts over 100 varieties … Continue reading