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Frugal Fare #3: Back Alley Woodfire BBQ & Grill

188 Augusta Avenue, Toronto (Kensington Market)

Cost: Lunch specials (Mon – Fri only) $5.99 -8.99

Beside Back Alley Woodfire BBQ & Grill is a fancy place called Amadeus; you can’t tell from the exterior but inside, the cream-coloured walls, dark wood and cloth napkins don’t exactly call out “lunch specials!” and certainly not “lunch specials under $10!!”. No.

We felt like Portuguese food, but not $25 Portuguese seafood. For dinner maybe but not for a hurried lunch date. And where the chicken at? Next door, apparently. So, Back Alley it was to be.

The rustic interior and giant woodfire ovens made for a cosy atmosphere and the wallet-friendly menu wasn’t too shabby, either. The lunch specials are a good deal – which makes this #3 in Foodhogger’s Frugal Fare in the city.

We got the quarter chicken breast and the shrimps in a herbed lemon sauce…each including a salad, which was fairly good and arrived promptly to the table.

Granted the portions aren’t massive, and the sides a bit bland – especially the rice with gravy drizzled over it, but there were 5 jumbo shrimps (in the shell) which weren’t altogether terrible.

The chicken breast looked a tad mightier in size, but a bit fatty for my liking and lacking in any true flavour.

Not an entirely satisfying meal – I think I really really wanted some hearty Portuguese BBQ instead, like churrasqueira-style chicken from Bairrada Churrasqueira Grill on College St….mmm..yummeh – but it’s probably our own fault for not ordering something that would benefit better from a smouldering wood oven. Something like ribs?

Definitely worth another try.

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5 thoughts on “Frugal Fare #3: Back Alley Woodfire BBQ & Grill

  1. You can’t go wrong with the retro Coke badges and the ‘homey’ feeling inside. Let us know what you think of the fritters after you’ve tried them!!

    Posted by timinganddelivery.com | May 3, 2009, 20:58
  2. Love the old school vibe. Reminds me of Julie’s Cuban Snack Bar x Aunties & Uncles.

    Great photos!

    Posted by timinganddelivery.com | May 2, 2009, 12:15
    • Hi there! Thanks 🙂 I’ve never been to Julie’s Cuban Snack Bar – but it looks awesome according to your blog! I will have to try those peppery corn fritters! Thanks for your comment!

      Posted by Foodhogger | May 3, 2009, 20:25
  3. Mmmm College

    Posted by akim_hobo | April 30, 2009, 12:24

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