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Flip, Toss & Thai Kitchen


141 Harbord St. (at Brunswick Ave.)

Cost: Approx $15 each for a soup & entree


When I called to make reservations, the lady on the phone was so polite, hesitating only when I asked for a table for six, but then graciously took down my name and confirmed the reservation. Later, on my way there, a friend of mine called asking if she’d found the right place, as she was seeing only a counter with a few stools and a table with six chairs around it. I told her those six chairs were for us! I guess we were all surprised by the ambiance; which is minimalist to the max (read: no washrooms); only a few seats, an order counter, a cola box and a blackboard with most of the menu listed.

[It’s ironic that we dined there during Earth Hour; it may have been the only place with it’s florescent light spilling out into the night…or at least as far across the street to the laundromat with it’s own florescent sparkle].

Still, whatever the ambiance lacks in at FT&T, the cuisine more than makes up for and we can thank former Salad King chef, Suzchen Sun, for that.
There’s the same chili scale system that Salad King has, but the service and flavours are authentic to FT&T.

= ½ chili

½ chili = 1/6 tbsp chilies
1 chili = 1/3 tbsp chilies
3 chili = 1 tbsp chilies
And so on

Our host, Wei was extremely patient with us, addressing our vegetarian needs with helpful alternatives and suggestions. The reason we picked this place, we told him, was because it’s #3 of the top 10 vegetarian places to eat in Toronto (according to Urbanspoon) and we’re so glad we did.

Here’s why:

Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup $3.89

We were also able to put in a special request for Hot and Sour VEG Soup for $3.65 (same price as the Chicken Coconut milk soup) which came with tofu instead of shrimp. ‘Twas indeed hot and sour! Most of us were coughing because of the heat, but the flavour was great and I was content having more than two shrimps in my soup! The only downside to the soup (for us) was biting into largish chunks of lemongrass and ginger(?); however, the surprise of it was only slightly and temporarily off-putting.

Basil Chicken $7.26, served with rice (and blurred in the background, Spicy Tofu $6.79 [served with rice])

I opted for the 3 chili (medium) heat – and didn’t find it too hot at all, but I’d ordered the Thai Basil Fried Rice $7.02, which wasn’t already spicy, like the Spicy Eggplant or Spicy Tofu.

Boy, was it ever tasty!! Best fried rice I have ever had…I normally wouldn’t have finished a whole plate of rice, but I gobbled this up and even considered ordering another to go!

Spicy Eggplant $7.04 (served with rice but opted for rice noodles). I only tasted this, but again, wow! I wish I’d ordered it!

Pad Thai $7.79. Wonderfully not ketchupy like the one at Spring Rolls.

Thai Bangkok Noodle $7.79. By this time I was too stuffed to try it – but I heard that my fried rice was better than this 🙂

At Flip, Toss & Thai Kitchen, the service is refreshingly friendly but it’s the food, my Goodness, the FOOD which is simply FANTASTIC! So fresh, so quick….as easy as a flip and a toss (har har). They also deliver and do take-out! What more could one ask for? It’s evident by the sheer quantity of customers that filtered through (for sit-in, take-out and pick-up) while we were there that this place is doing great!

I’ll certainly be back!

Flip, Toss & Thai Kitchen on Urbanspoon



13 thoughts on “Flip, Toss & Thai Kitchen

  1. YUM. And nice light in those pics I might add 🙂

    Posted by akim_hobo | April 6, 2009, 01:38
  2. This food was so tasty and satisfying.. I am getting cravings to go again. Your photos are beautiful, btw !

    Posted by bonny | April 4, 2009, 18:54
  3. Looks so yummmy, great review. I have been to the place before it is really good in terms of food and service although that day was a little windy and each time the door opened the gush of cool air could be felt. Although, the hot and sour soup (I tried the vegetarian one) was great and kept me warm….a nice little gem hidden on Harbord Street….thanks for sharing the nice pictures foodhogger.

    Posted by COAT | April 3, 2009, 16:27
  4. Wow Foodhogger, this was a really great review! I loved the photos.. I could almost taste the dishes! I can’t wait to try this place out. I miss asian food!

    Posted by YummyDelights | April 2, 2009, 02:04
  5. I’m hungry……..

    Posted by BV | April 1, 2009, 22:43
  6. oooh, i’m so craving good thai food now!!
    i must add this to my ever growing list of places i want to go to the next time im in Toronto… hehe 😀

    Posted by Stina | April 1, 2009, 21:42
  7. While I am not from Toronto, i would certainly make a trip to Flip Toss Thai based on your review. The pictures are mouth watering. Great review and look forward to dining here.

    Posted by London | April 1, 2009, 17:00
  8. I’m vegetarian and it can be pretty difficult to find places that serve tasty vegetarian meals, so I’m very grateful for this review and will certainly try FTT next time I’m in the city. The pictures are making my mouth water! Thank you!

    Posted by nani | April 1, 2009, 15:40


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