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E-mail from Charlie

The Anti-Restaurant

The Anti-Restaurant is about the food experience first. It is not-for-profit, so the costs involved resume their proper place as something simply incidental to the event.

At random intervals.

At random locations.

A Chef who CAN and still loves to – someone whose love of a kickass meal has not been dulled by soul-crushing food and beverage managers and bean counters – someone creative, innovative and fun. We’ve got a long list here in Toronto but more suggestions are welcome.

Total cost of food divided by number of attendees – our goal is to keep it around $75 – $150 per person.

Paired appropriately.

No, but we don’t want your chest hair in the salad, got it?

FOOD LOVERS. No screwing around. If you can’t/won’t eat certain things, this is probably not for you. Chef rules. This isn’t “Fear Factor” – but there will be meat, seafood, raw stuff, and occasionally something from outside the mainstream experience. Duh, that’s the point of the Anti-Restaurant.

Pay attention.

Email us back with your answers to the questions below. If you are for real, we put you on the potential invitee’s list

When an event is set up, we send out an e-vite, those who RSVP first get in, another small group will get stand-by status. You will be able to RSVP for you +1. If you want to get 15 of friends in, you can’t- they’ll have to go through the process… Just like your doing now…

We will email the chef’s name, the location and menu a week before the event – this is your chance to opt-out – your space goes to a stand-by, you do not choose who takes your place

IMPORTANT! NO-SHOWS will NOT be tolerated. If you can’t make it, contact us in advance so we can give it to a stand-by. Failure to show this sort of basic decency gets you on the blacklist – seriously, no more burgers for you.

Show up. Eat, drink, pay your share, go home and dream about the next one.

Q & A

Name (first and last) & email (again)& best number to reach you to reconfirm the day of the event

What is your occupation?

Where did you hear about us?

What are your 3 favourite restaurants in Toronto?

What would your last meal on earth be?

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself? Common don’t be shy…

If you know anyone who loves food and eating well please refer them to http://www.charliesburgers.ca

NOTE: Please check your junk mail folder as sometimes our correspondences get filtered out.

CB Team



2 thoughts on “E-mail from Charlie

  1. very interesting! I want to check this thing out. 🙂

    Posted by YummyDelights | April 1, 2009, 04:40

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