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Frugal Fare #1: CJ Lunch Box

“Frugal Fare” is going to be a new feature on Foodhogger, where we’ll cover the more affordable places to dine for lunch/dinner in Toronto and still get great food & service.

CJ Lunch Box (but everyone refers to it as “Lunch Box”) is one such place. 


409 Richmond St., W, Toronto (Spadina/Richmond)

Cost: under $10 (cash only)

There used to be something else in it’s place, but I can’t recall what it was (anyone remember?) and now it’s very clear what’s there. 


Lunch Box is a small lunch time spot serving little containers of sushi, deep fried chicken, noodles, edamame and dumplings…for as little as $3 – $5!  What a steal (and tasty too)!  These days business is booming and it’s our first in Foodhogger’s : Frugal Fare.

Salmon sushi with chicken combo $5.97 (with free miso soup)

Veggie Dumplings: $3 – a bit on the greasy side, but it makes a good side or snack.

Although Lunch Box has started increasing their prices (almost everything is one or two dollars more than before), the raised cost hasn’t seemed to deter the crowd.  The line-ups are almost always curled around the counter in the tiny restaurant, where in cafeteria-like fashion you pick your boxes.  

Chicken? $4.

The staff are cheery and highly efficient (one at the cash register, one packing your lunch, one making the sushi, one warming the dumplings; there’s at least 6-7 people behind the counter).  Not to mention that the turn-over is so high, the food’s fresh.  In fact, if you don’t see any more sushi of your desire, they’ll roll it up for you in 2 min!  (Sushi connoisseurs  [of which, I am not one] beware: it’s not gourmet sushi, but it’s great for lunch)

Salmon sushi $4

There are also a handful of tables if you wish to dine there, with a newly added flat-screen TV playing concerts by different artists everyday (last time it was Celine Dion and before that Beyonce) to keep you entertained. 

Also, I hear that with every purchase you get a free miso soup but I will have to confirm this (as I found out only after my purchase, sans soup) and this should be relatively easy considering I’ll most likely be back there next week!

They’re open from 11am to 5pm on weekdays only – so if you wanted some chicken or noodles to take home after work, you’re out of luck.  I think they would do well to stay open for dinner, but then it would have to be called CJ Lunch/Dinner Box…which doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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5 thoughts on “Frugal Fare #1: CJ Lunch Box

  1. And the salmon sushi has nice big chunks of salmon! yum!

    Posted by amy | March 30, 2009, 13:58
  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

    Posted by matt | March 28, 2009, 11:01


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