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Happy Hallowe’en!

Patisserie La Cigogne

Location: 1626 Bayview Avenue, Toronto Cost: under $10 for a pastry or mini cake http://www.patisserielacigogne.com One of my very good friends (with very dependable tastebuds) took us to this charming cafe over the weekend. It’s called Patisserie La Cigogne and it opened on Bayview Avenue in June of 2003. Thierry Schmitt, the master pastry chef … Continue reading

PYO: Pumpkin Pickin’

Location: 9365 10 Side Road, Milton, ON http://www.andrewsscenicacres.com This was our first time visiting Andrews’ Scenic Acres and it seems to be the most popular! Apparently the home of the Great Pumpkin Challenge! And the farm itself is quite nice… Although the ‘haunted maze’ wasn’t very scary at all! Nor much of a maze for … Continue reading


Looks like Swatow was shut down on Monday due to a cockroach infestation! Arggh!!! From the Toronto Star: “Toronto health inspectors on Monday shuttered Swatow, on Spadina Ave. near D’Arcy St., citing “inadequate pest control,” “failure to protect food from contamination,” and other infractions, according to inspection records. In this case, “it wasn’t rats, it was cockroaches,” said … Continue reading

Martha’s Exchange

Location: 185 Main Street, Nashua, NH Cost: approx $9-15 per lunch entree (after 5pm, approx $15-19) http://www.marthas-exchange.com I’ve been to Nashua a slew of times but never dined at Martha’s Exchange on Main Street.  Martha’s Exchange has no relation or connection to Martha’s Vineyard or Martha Stewart.  It actually began as a sweet shop which simply … Continue reading

Harbord Fish & Chips

Location: 147 Harbord Street, Toronto Cost: $8.99 for the Halibut ($11.99 at Chippy’s) As far as I’m concerned, you can’t go wrong with eating a good meal of fish n’ chips once in a while. And it’s pretty hard to mess up deep fried fish and strips of potato. The real issue is how much … Continue reading