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PYO: Cherry Picking


E.D. Smith Cherry Farm
980 Highway #8, Winona, Ontario

Puddicombe Estate Farms & Winery
1468 #8 Hwy, Winona, Ontario

All summer long I’d been meaning to go strawberry picking…which by late summer had turned into peach-picking. Finally, when the opportunity for anything-picking came up, our GPS was eagerly set up to locate the E.D. Smith farm. Unfortunately, E.D. remained a mysterious location on our GPS, but our old-fashioned road-trip technique of stop-and-ask-for-directions worked out perfectly and brought us to E.D’s gate which…was CLOSED?!?! You had to be kidding me.

Good thing our GPS located another farm close by. Puddicombe!

For cherry, apple and pear picking.

Didn’t look like there was anything to be picked when we got there though. We were too late for cherries and too early for pears or apples. The boy behind the outdoor stall mentioned heavy rainfall having ruined the cherry crops, but the Puddicombe railway and petting zoo was open. None of us were five years old however, so we decided to taste some wine, instead. Blueberry, raspberry, cranberry and pear. Deeeellliiiiicious! Our journey wasn’t completely wasted; we bought a couple of bottles of blueberry wine and called it a day.

As for pear-picking? Maybe next year.



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