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Madras Palace: Take 2

Location: 1249 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough, Toronto Cost: $40 for two (incl. tip) http://www.madraspalace.com The last time we went to MP, we had some service issues, but we’ve since realized that the key is to go when it’s not crazy busy because the food really is exceptionally good. This time we got there for dinner around … Continue reading

I Love Sushi

Location: 494 Queen St. West, Toronto Cost: $34 – 44 per platter (61-64 pieces) http://www.ilovesushi.ca Contrary to this post’s title, I don’t love sushi. I opt for it only when I get crazy pregnant-woman cravings. I am also not pregnant. However, when you’re working late and the options are pizza or sushi. And you’re lactose-intolerant … Continue reading

Québec City: D’Orsay Pub

Location: 65 rue de Buade, Québec City Cost: $60 for two http://www.restaurantpubdorsay.com Bonjour tout le monde! I must admit, my French is atrocious, but by the end of our Quebec City trip I was readily throwing out “bonjours” and “mercis”, not to mention fully formed-sentences, at my husband, at least. But enough of the French … Continue reading


Location: 309 Spadina Avenue, Toronto Cost: $25 for 3 (with one split entree) I’ve got a serious case of the sleepies as I type this ’cause I’ve just eaten at Swatow. General Tso wouldn’t be proud…but it doesn’t really matter because it’s not the 1800s and I’ve only just had his namesake in chicken. At … Continue reading

PYO: Cherry Picking

Locations: E.D. Smith Cherry Farm 980 Highway #8, Winona, Ontario Puddicombe Estate Farms & Winery 1468 #8 Hwy, Winona, Ontario All summer long I’d been meaning to go strawberry picking…which by late summer had turned into peach-picking. Finally, when the opportunity for anything-picking came up, our GPS was eagerly set up to locate the E.D. … Continue reading

Jodhpore Club

Location: 33 Baldwin Street, Toronto Cost: $23 Way back before we knew how good Spadina Garden really was, we dismissed it and the buffet at Indian Flavour because all we really wanted was some tandoori chicken and naan. Really. That’s all. So, when we arrived at Jodhpore Club at Baldwin Street – because Jodhpore had … Continue reading

Panago Pizza

Location: 44 Gerrard Street, Unit E, Toronto Cost: $32 (incl. tip) for 2 small pizzas http://www.panago.com Everyone has a favourite pizza place, right? And the first time we tried Panago Pizza we swore we wouldn’t ever order anything else. Unlike Pizza Pizza, Pizza Hut, Mama’s and even Pizzaiolo’s pizza, Panago’s is truly bursting with flavours … Continue reading