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Spice Route

Location: 499 King Street West, Toronto Cost: Summerlicious. $15 for lunch It used to be an auto dealership. Then Touch lounge. Now, it’s a massive Asian bistro/bar called Spice Route. Although there is neither spice nor route to any flavours here. And the service is one of the most pretentious I’ve ever seen. Not to … Continue reading

Recipe: What to do when your flour gets infested

So, I went to make these banana crumble muffins I saw at Allrecipes.com last week, and heartily started mashing three ripe bananas that the recipe called for. As I went to scoop up some whole-wheat flour, I discovered that the small dark brown flecks of whole wheat were MOVING! Egads! Our flour had been infested … Continue reading

Product: Dufflet Small Indulgences

Dufflet Pure & Sweet: Cranberries & Blueberries in Pure Dark Chocolate Cost: $10.99 http://www.dufflet.com Everyone knows the name Dufflet. It’s synonymous with heavenly baked goods. If you haven’t had a cake, tart or pastry from Dufflet, then there’s something horribly wrong with your life. And you don’t have to visit a Dufflet store to buy … Continue reading

Thai Princess is fit for a Queen

Location: 387 King Street West, Toronto Cost: $10-15 per person http://www.thaiprincess.ca Across from MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) on King street is a little gem of a restaurant with a giant green and pink sign. Thai Princess. You can expect a bit of a wait if you get there between noon and 1pm. Sometimes doing take-out … Continue reading

Spadina Garden

Location: 114 Dundas Street West, Toronto Cost: $50 for 2 One of our friends has been talking about this place for so long, claiming it to be his favourite chinese restaurant. Ever. And we had tried, on numerous occasions, to eat-in (and even do take-out from) there, with no luck. So, it became the perfect … Continue reading


Location: 950 Danforth Avenue (West of Donlands subway station) Cost: approx $20 a person (incl. a drink) The last time I’d had Ethiopian food was at Ethiopian House at Wellesley and Yonge and although I was not entirely unimpressed, I knew if I were to try it again, it would have to be some really … Continue reading

N’awlins: Cafe Du Monde’s “BenYAYs”

Locations: Riverwalk Marketplace, One Poydras, Suite 27, New Orleans Open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 9:30am-6pm French Market, 800 Decatur Street, New Orleans Open 24 hours a day, closed 6pm December 24, opens 6am December 26 Cost: $4 for 3 Beignets and a Cafe Au Lait http://www.cafedumonde.com/main.html “What are beg-nets?” “Ben-yaaaays..” “Oh. What are they?” “They’re French … Continue reading

What’s cookin’?

Foodhogger has been rather busy sinking her teeth into many things other than (but also including) food and wants to let you know what’s on the back burner. New Orleans eats, Hawaii eats, San Francisco eats, Trinidad eats, and more Toronto eats such as: Lettuce Eatery, Thai Princess, Jodhpore Club, The Magic Oven, Lahore Tikka … Continue reading

Blue Mountain Bistro

Location: 119 Spadina Avenue Cost: $8-10 for lunch I guess the ‘jerk’ in Jerk Chicken comes from the service at Blue Mountain Bistro. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera on me, but I used my friend’s cell phone camera to capture these shots. Our waitress was the lady on the right – as you can … Continue reading