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Miss Cora’s Kitchen


69 Kensington Ave., Toronto

Cost: $5 or less for a light lunch/snack


I do not like Jumbo Empanada (as you may have noticed if you read the Jumbo Hairpanada entry) however, I do LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Cora’s Kitchen!

This love story began when lunch at Jumbo Empanada went “hair“wire (yes, that’s right, I went there) and we left disappointed and dissatisfied.

We passed by Miss Cora’s Kitchen on the way back to work and the tiniest of desserts sitting in the window beckoned me in. Actually it was the “pesto chicken pizza” scribbled on the blackboard inside that really called out to my grumbling stomach.

So we decided to pop into the ‘kitchen’. It really DOES look like a kitchen; a very small but clean, organized and great smelling one!

Fresh flowers, cookie jars, thick wooden butcher-slab counters, a giant wall clock. Yup, looks like the kind of kitchen you wish your Aunt had. Or you had, for that matter.

In the back, a brick wall lends a nice backdrop for the garnishing, icing, kneading and what have you that goes into creating these fabulous treats that Miss Cora herself serves you. Yes, Cora Devries takes your order and brings your dishes hot to your seat (one of three stools along a side table that runs against the window).

Our request for hot sauce results in THREE bottles of the red stuff, but it turns out the square of pesto chicken pizza was so delicious, it didn’t even NEED it!

And the little pear/spice muffin we had was light and spongey with a slight hint of spice and pear…it was so yummy.

Very small though, as you can see here:

There’s nothing better than being indoors on a rainy day, except maybe being indoors and being cooked for on a rainy day.

Miss Cora’s Kitchen = a lovely place. I highly recommend paying the wonderful Miss Cora a visit.

Miss Cora's Kitchen in Toronto



2 thoughts on “Miss Cora’s Kitchen

  1. Wha?

    Posted by TP24 | April 19, 2008, 04:58
  2. I have developed an unhealthy attitude towards Iron chef Cat Cora. THUS, I’m not sure if I can ever go to this restaurant. Yes, I realize that they are different people. But not everybody has the luxury of living in reality like you do. Sometimes.


    Posted by akim_hobo | April 18, 2008, 21:05

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